Paid Marketing

Set your Own Budget and Gift your Business the Visibility it Deserves

The social media game changes with time and they call it algorithms! How do you then beat the heat of this cutthroat organic competition and appear in the feed of your target audience? The answer lies in promoting your business. You may miss out the best timing or best days when your customers are online, but with Graphix Links’ paid Advertisements helpful hand, you do not miss out on anything including your visibility chances and your business!

Our Intrinsic Process

Target a Unique Audience

The very first step that we at Graphix Links follow is find out audience pertaining to the very restricted set of demographics in order to target and close. With designated social media and social listening tools, we leverage the keywords that help us find the target audience for your business. Next, we combine this criteria to create an ideal persona for your business. We are however aware of the fact that generic targeting may not always bring out the possible results and so, we incorporate customized targeting in three ways:

  • Website Retargeting
  • Contact Targeting
  • Account Targeting
This is how you deliver your budget and stay top of the minds.

On-site SEO

Your ad is just a secondary part, your banner and the content you put within speaks for itself. This calls for a great design need for the GDN Advertisements. Also, we ensure that the content is talking to the graphics used for the ad, so as to create an effective advertising. Our team of content personas use their words carefully and be as specific as possible to provoke your target customers to click on the ad and come aboard to your website.

Control your Budget and Costs

Be it any channel, paid Advertisements helps you to allocate the budget of your own on the basis of your targets and the visibility that you wish for. Most of the first-timers fall for this trap and run their ads in acceleration mode with a wad of bucks spent relentlessly. Being experienced in paid advertising, we at Graphix Links, help our clients in identifying the right approach to reach the audience and spare the right budget on the tools that compensate for the paid amount. This is how we empower our clients by still working for their visibility without letting them spare anything more than required.

Start Generating Leads

Paid Advertisements is but for generation of leads. This is the end result that we want for our clients with the standards that we have set for our business and our process for our clients. We held the hands our clients while they are still struggling to generate quality leads and help them get through it.

Be it any business goal that you have set - Educate your prospects, Grow your business, Generate Leads, Create a Brand Recognition, or anything that you can think of, we make paid Advertisements work for your business! Want to get started?

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