Search Engine Optimization

Get your website in the best of the search engine’s light.

SEO is to Website what Brand is to your Business.

It is definitely not an exaggeration when we at Graphix Links say, SEO is the soul of a website.

A well-optimized website can be a cash cow to your business. With right resources and great Search engine optimization skill at hand, you can literally create wonders for your business.

Our Intrinsic Process

Understanding of the Business

Every business has its own set of requisites for the digital presence. When we get a knock at Graphix Links from our clients, we first put on our analysis cap and understand the business and its need from the search engine result.


On the basis of the need of the business, we research for all the possible keywords that drive to your website. In addition to this, we look for what your competitors are doing with the keywords and make a list of them. We sort these keywords on the basis of relevance and incorporate them in the content.


Depending on the keywords and their search results, we create a blog structure and define the keyword density. This is done by keeping in mind the information that is to be shared with the users and the product/ service that is to be marketed.

On-site SEO

Each page of the website is tested for the keywords that are focused majorly. This way we ensure that the website is fully compatible with the standards of search engine and leave no stone upturned in your website’s way to be at the very first search engine result page.

Creating a funnel

Many of our clients come to us for driving a smooth way for their customers through the sales with the help of the content. We take up this challenging task by sorting appropriate content that are in line with both- the information to be shared as well as the sales to be made. By linking all the blog strategically and placing backlinks at the most appropriate spots in the content, we ensure that your customers have a smooth transition to your sales funnel.

Analyze Ranking and Traffic on Website

We are not done once we are done with setting up keywords. Actually we are result-driven beings at Graphix Links, be it for us in-house or for our clients. Once the website goes live with the Search engine optimization, we constantly monitor the results and make sure that your website drives just the right amount of traffic.

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