Social Media Marketing

Turn the heads of your prospects to your brand with effective Social Media Marketing.

Facebook’s going all crazily prosperous with the eCommerce selling with the help of its messenger bot. Twitter is solving customer’s issue and elevating the customer experience. Pinterest is showing the product for business in all of its the glory. YouTube is showing how stuffs work in business and how services are being provided. The present time is Social Media Time. Your customers are probably using Facebook and YouTube the most. What are the chances that they would switch it off this “fun” time of theirs to help you make revenue for your business? Close to 0?

Well, of its social media time for your targets, it is social media marketing time for your business!

Our Intrinsic Process

Know who your Customer is

The very first step that we at Graphix Links follow is find out audience pertaining to the very restricted set of demographics in order to target and close. With designated social media and social listening tools, we leverage the keywords that help us find the target audience for your business. Next, we combine this criteria to create an ideal persona for your business.

Identify Key Metrics

What do you exactly want to achieve with your social media plan? Do you want impressions in a large number to help you realize the engagement of your customers? Or do you need a Hashtag working and trending for your brand?

Whatever that is! Identify the key parameter of Social media platform that would make you realize whether your strategy has passed or have failed. We, at Graphix Links, helps our clients set achievable social media goals and raise the bar of this goal every time we achieve one!

Engage your customers

This goes without saying. All you need to do is have a piece of engaging content in place. But what type of content you should be creating?

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Company News
  • Infographics
  • eBooks


Content is the fuel to social media that keeps the propeller of your business running without a pause, so it is very vital that you must create engaging and high quality content for your targeted audience to interact with your brand.

Track, analyze, optimize

It is the most important step when it comes to winning in the social media game. The social media algorithms change every now and then. Even the most expert of the expert social media marketers depend on experience and experiment. No matter how fundamental it might seem to you, but tracking and analyzing your social media channels is crucial for your business.

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